Media Player Addons for Elementor

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Collection of media players to playback of various media files such as .mp3, .mp4, .flv, .m3u8, .ogg, YouTube, Vimeo and more...

This Addons packed with 10 additional Media player widgets which enable you some awesome features and extra media support.


Easy to use: Creating and embedding of media player using this addons is fast and easy. Just install the Elementor plugin and activate the addons to get started.

Fully customizable: Make each player look how you want with the markup you want.

Live Stream: Supports HLS, Dash, HTTP Live Streaming, .m3u8 .mpd video playback

Playlist: Create Playlists of videos and audios and embed them into your pages/posts. Also you cna put them in other areas of WordPress that support by elementor.

• Additional Library: Added few popular media player library including, cPlayer and VideoJS

Maximum Options: Each Player has maximum collection of options to fit your needs. Each option is well documented and labelled so that you can manage them easily.

Translation Ready: POT files available with the plugin to translate with your WordPress language setup.

Responsive: Each Player can rescale itself to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices.

Optimized for Mobile: Players added using this addons is mobile friendly that means it will work great in any mobile devices.

Picture-in-Picture: Supports picture-in-picture mode for Videos. It supports the playsinline attribute too.

Multiple captions: Support for multiple caption tracks/ subtitle. Which increase the accessibility of your contents.

Versatile: Play all the popular media files such as .mp3, .mp4, .AVI, .mov, .ogg, .webM, .m3u8, .m3u and more. Since it support streaming you can use any the audio player as a radio player too.


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Media Player Addons for Elementor

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